July 29

July 26 July 30


From today forward, I will not accept any graded work that does not have your name inside every code (*.java) file AND as part of the enclosing folder or zip file. This is for your own protection — as hard as I try, I occasionally misfile things, and this way I can search for things that belong to you. It’s also a good habit for coders to establish. Also, please save all of your work.

Also, I reply (however briefly) to every email you send me that contains an attachment. If you do not receive a reply, please assume something has gone wrong and that you need to re-send (please tell me it’s a re-send) or talk to me about it.

Please do not “reply” when you email me something — I am less likely to realize that this is a new arrival. Start a new email instead. Also, please email me from a consistent email address.

Finally — not required but would be fantastic — add a date so that I am sure I’m dealing with your latest submission. Example:


Thank you!!


  • if … if  vs. if … else
  • Primitive (atomic) types vs. Objects
  • Traversing Arrays

Today is Good Housekeeping and Documentation Day!

  • Download Git: https://git-scm.com/downloads
  • Suggested alternative to Git!
    • Put your project folder in another folder (use meaningful names!)
    • Every time you achieve a working goal, take a zip “snapshot”.
  • Use the README.TXT file in BlueJ and Greenfoot (Scenario / Scenario Information)
  • Introduction to Javadoc


  • Class photo?
  • Greenfoot: managing Actor methods returning Lists
  • Using the command line (finally!)
  • Git demo?
July 26 July 30