July 22

July 23

Welcome and Introductions

Pre-assessment Survey



Introducing BlueJ

    • Download and install BlueJ
    • Create new Project; notice that project name attaches to FOLDER
    • Creating Classes and Instantiations
      • “Methods” not “Functions”
      • Instantiation = Instance = Object
      • Property = Attribute = Field — stored in a Variable
      • Constructor: special method that creates an instance; uses “new” operator
      • If you don’t code a Constructor, Java gives you a default
    • Use of upper and lower case
      • camelCase forReadability
      • Class names MUST be capitalized
      • Variable names MUST begin with lowerCase.
      • Names are Symbols

BlueJ Samples

11:30 Lunch


About zip files

Variable Types

  • Primitive data types: variables contain the actual values
    • boolean , byte , char , short , int , long , float, double
  • Object variables are references, they point to the object but do not contain it. Objects can be large and complex without limit.


Create a logical class hierarchy of at least 10 classes at 3 levels. Be able to create and manipulate instances of these. Some classes should have variables for properties.  Add methods if you want, but this is not required; this is an exercise in using BlueJ and sending projects to me. Zip and send to me at mjspieglan@gmail.com.


July 23