The Rules

Class Rules

  • Respect each other
  • No yelling
  • No stuckness
  • No boredom
  • Check for email from me after dinner
  • Please start new email when you send me things.

Java Style

  • Use curly braces for if, for, while, etc., whether needed or not.
  • Line things up — the editor will do it for you!
  • Use meaningful names for everything
  • Observe case conventions.
    • Use camelCase
    • Class names MUST begin with upper case
    • Variable names MUST begin with lower case
    • Constants should be ALLCAPS
  • Use blank lines and other “white space” thoughtfully. Don’t cram things together or leave blank line garbage from editing behind. Every decision about white space should make your code more readable to you.
  • Boolean names sometime sound better beginning with “is’ or “has”. Or try to use adjectives.
    • hasMoney
    • isAlive
    • hungry
    • overHeated
  • Include good comments! Use:
    • @author
    • @version
    • @param
    • @return

Sending Me Files

  • I will not accept any graded work that does not have your name inside every code (*.java) file AND as part of the enclosing folder or zip file. This is for your own protection — as hard as I try, I occasionally misfile things, and this way I can search for things that belong to you. It’s also a good habit for coders to establish. Also, please save all of your work.
  • I reply (however briefly) to every email you send me that contains an attachment or reminds me that you’ve added something to your folder. If you do not receive a reply, please assume something has gone wrong and that you need to re-send (please tell me it’s a re-send) or talk to me about it.
  • Your shared folder is normally empty; as I process things I will put copies in “Archive”. If you want to check whether I’ve noticed something, check here. If you want to know whether I have something, check “Archive”. I will carefully rename duplicates or add names and dates to things as I judge appropriate. Avoid removing anything; I can’t protect you from yourself. Feel free to download copies if you need to!
  • Please do not “reply” when you email me something — I am less likely to realize that this is a new arrival. Start a new email instead. Also, please email me from a consistent email address.
  • Finally — not required but would be fantastic — add a date so that I am sure I’m dealing with your latest submission. Example:

==== Will blend in other stuff below ====

When you send a project to me, please put any comments or messages to me in the code itself, not in the email body. I save attachments to a folder almost immediately and it’s really a pain to keep the email comments attached. Also, if you could attach your name and a date to the file name before you attach it, that would be a big help. Example:

Your name should also be in EVERY code file! Points will be taken!

How I will (try to) grade: Programming Rubric


Email: mjspieglan@gmail