July 9

July 8 July 10

Pseudo-code and DRY

Review Java Syntax

Project Proposals

I will research and add details.

  • Brief description of project
  • Class diagram (enhanced BlueJ format)
    • Yours DON”T have to be this complicated!
    • Example
  • List of events and response
  • State machine diagram useful in some cases
  • Sequence of development goals

(Mostly Greenfoot) Things to Try

Topics to Cover


  • “Fill-in-the-blank” quiz tomorrow morning
  • Assignment below due Thursday

Homework / Project

Due Thursday, but contact me early with problems or if you think you need an extension. I think this is easier than the snake. (Feel free to hand it in tomorrow. 🙂 )

Please browse the instructions in case you have questions for study group tonight.

Apologies! I said that bouncing the ball off the wall would be “difficult” but we are not using move() here; we are moving the ball by X and Y offsets here (variables “velX” and “velY”. This should be much easier to figure out.


July 8 July 10