July 5

July 4 July 8
  • How to speed up a Greenfoot game in code
  • How to find nearby Greenfoot objects (SomeClass.class)
  • Browse the API!
  • Browse submitted projects!
  • Demo code completion in BlueJ
  • Punctuation matching
  • Reformatting
  • Review Unit tests


If you email me by Noon Saturday, I promise a reply by Noon Sunday.

  • Finish Bobby the Snake if you haven’t
  • Browse the Greenfoot API and try stuff
  • Browse submitted Greenfoot projects
  • Browse the Library. (If you want to request a paper copy, mail me the URL)
  • Email me something you have been working on or exploring.

Emailed projects with more than minor messages in the body will be returned.

Use ATTN in the comments. I will share an example sometime this weekend.


Next week

  • Concepts quiz (NOT Monday)
  • Output formatting!!
  • GUIs
  • Programming editors (probably Atom first)
  • (Somewhat more) advanced Java
July 4 July 8