Project Guidelines

Style will count in your grade!

Style Requirements!

  • UpperCase Classes; lowerCase yourVariables
  • Clean up when finished coding: alignment and whitespace “trash”
  • Make it clear which World is first.
  • Clean instructions; either on info page or in README.TXT

Project Proposals

Suggested idioms; not all are required.

  • Brief description of project
  • Class diagram (enhanced BlueJ format)
    • Yours DOESN”T have to be this complicated!
    • Example
  • List of events and response
  • State machine diagram useful in some cases
  • Sequence of development goals

Project Ideas

If you are modifying or adding to something you found, you MUST show me the original and have me approve it!

  • Real-world simulations
  • Pinball
  • Platform games

Mini-Project Ideas

Use these to develop your skills or as inspiration for or components in your term project.

  • Make a character that’s always moving toward the mouse pointer.
  • Make classes of walls or obstacles that “tell” a ball how to bounce or what else to do.