Sending stuff to me

When you send a project to me, please put any comments or messages to me in the code itself, not in the email body. I save attachments to a folder almost immediately and it’s really a pain to keep the email comments attached. Also, if you could attach your name and a date to the file name before you attach it, that would be a big help. Example: mark2019-07-03myproject.zip

Your name should also be in EVERY code file! Points will be taken!

How I will (try to) grade: Programming Rubric


Email: mjspieglan@gmail

Skills we will learn

  • Writing Java programs
  • Professional Java style and Conventions
  • Commenting and documenting using “JavaDoc” standards
  • Designing with “pseudocode” a.k.a. “Structured English”
  • Understanding and using Java documentation
  • Using the debugger
  • Events
  • Event and error handlers
  • Source code management with Git
  • Robocode battles!

Here’s the most recent class I taught: http://microcontrollers.ctd.mjspieglan.com/