Today is:

Friday, August 9th

Goals of this class, simplified:

  • Become fluent in the basics of Java so you can sit down to an empty file and start writing code.
  • Become comfortable and confident exploring Java documentation and searching the internet to solve problems and learn new thing.


  • Week 3
    • Tuesday: Functioning partial project due (no bugs!); Assignment 4
    • Thursday: Term projects & Assignment 4 due; Quiz 3; survey
    • Friday: Parents visit 11am; class ends at noon.

Skills we will learn

  • Writing Java programs
  • Professional Java style and Conventions
  • Commenting and documenting using “JavaDoc” standards
  • Understanding and using Java documentation
  • Using the debugger
  • Events
  • Event and error handlers
  • Source code management with Git?
  • Robocode battles!?


Here’s the most recent class I taught: http://microcontrollers.ctd.mjspieglan.com/